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May you live in interesting times.  A fake Chinese curse


Usually family albums show the good times: birthdays, vacations, and holidays.

These albums don't show the moments of loss, sickness, and lice-infestation.

But, it is in these moments of the ordinary, the darkness, or grotesque, where families also can make strong bonds and lasting memories.


As a daughter, sister, wife and aunt, I hope that our life will be full of birthdays, vacations, and holidays.  As a photographer, I know that we will have to live through those interesting times as well, so I bring a lot of film to capture the memories that we can share, remember and sigh over.


Book: Maestrapeace - San Francisco's Monumental Feminist Mural. Forward by Angela Y. Davis. (2019) Provided over 50 photos to document the history of one of San Francisco's best known murals.

Feature Articles:  Sunday Times Magazine, London (2012),

The Atlantic (2012),   LENS Magazine, Beijing (2011),

China Life Magazine (2010),   Shanghai Daily News (2010),

Oriental Morning Post (2010).


Images in the New York Times, O Magazine,

Entertainment,, Redbook, Utne Reader.

Awards and Shows


New York Center for Photographic Art Black and White Show

Group show: Jadeite Gallery, New York, NY


Photo Alliance/SFO Museum HOME Show

Curators: Tina Barney - Photographer; Thea Traff - Photo Editor, The  New Yorker; Christopher McCall - Founding Director, Pier 24 Photography


Group show: Whiskey and Goldfish, Canessa Gallery, San Francisco, CA

International Photography Awards - Family of Man: 3 Honorable Mentions


Prix de la Photographie Paris: 2 Gold Medals, 1 Bronze, 1 Honorable Mention

Photo Review - Competition Winner: Curator Jennifer Blessing, Senior Curator of Photography, Guggenheim Museum, NYC

International Photography Awards: Honorable Mention: Fine Art. Curator: David Clarke, Head of Photography, Tate Gallery, London.

Professional Women Photographers International Competition: Juror's Selection


Solo Exhibit:  Lianzhou Foto Festival, Lianzhou, China, PRC

Picturing the World Family, FIER Institute, Australia: Honorable Mention: 


Group show: Snap - National Juried Photo Exhibit,    Bedford Gallery, California


Solo Show:  My Cousin from America,    Beau Geste Gallery, Shanghai, PRC


Solo Show:  Family Circus,   Rayko Gallery, San Francisco California


Solo Show:  Family Circus,   Canessa Gallery, San Francisco California


14th Annual RATED X show,   Neikrug Photographica Ltd. Gallery New York, NY


13th Annual RATED X show,   Neikrug Photographica Ltd. Gallery New York, NY

These RATED X group shows included works by WeeGee, Melon, Ken Marcus,

Robert Mapplethorpe, Joel Peter Witkin, Wynn Bullock and Andre Kertesz.

"Tatjana's raw, honest snapshots offer her viewers a reflection into their own lives."

- Benjamin Li, Shanghai    Daily News

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